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Maku‘u Opihi

Our original Maku‘u Opihi print was inspired by long days down by the ocean at my Grandma and Papa‘s house in Puna. In between breaks of fishing or swimming, we would go up and down the shoreline in a hunt for these ocean treats. Timing, the ebb and flow of the waves, knowing how long you have to duck underneath a rock, pick, and run! Those were the days. I was always the one, sneaking a handful of them, eating them fresh, all I needed was a fresh Opihi salted by the ocean. But I remember when we’d bring back our haul to my tutu‘s house, the loving care she would take to clean them, not one rinse, not two, but three rinses after the shucking.  I’d wait semi patiently while she did so, waiting for the bowl to be added to the lineup of food on the table for everyone to enjoy. Nowadays, whenever I get the chance to eat, that’s what it taste like; the Puna sea,  home, and love. I can’t wait to return one day soon and teach my kids, the art of timing the waves, picking, and running. Good times. Can’t wait.

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